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Welcome to my corner of the astroportal. I am Minakshi Gupta, a seasoned professional with over 24 years of experience in the mystical art of Cartomancy. As a Cartomancer and Life Coach, I have dedicated my life to guiding others towards enlightenment and personal empowerment.

From a young age, I was captivated by the transformative power of Cartomancy. Over the years, my devotion to this ancient European art and psychic reading science has only deepened. Today, I am delighted to bring the wisdom of Cartomancy to the forefront of social media platforms, allowing its divine guidance to reach those in need.

At first, I hesitated to share this sacred knowledge, as Cartomancy is not as widely recognized as astrology. However, the profound impact it has had on my life and the lives of those I have worked with compelled me to break the silence. The more I engage in empowering sessions, the more my belief in Cartomancy flourishes.

With a unique blend of life philosophy and Cartomancy, I intertwine these two realms effortlessly, guiding individuals towards a deeper understanding of themselves and their remarkable potential. My passion for sharing this wisdom has led me to create a coaching platform on, where I offer transformative courses to those seeking personal growth and enlightenment.

In essence, Cartomancy unveils the truth that we are the creators of our own destinies. It reminds us that 90% of our lives are shaped by our free will, thoughts, decisions, actions, emotions, and beliefs. Through Cartomancy readings, we gain a concise panorama of our past and present, equipping us to design a future that surpasses our wildest dreams.

Allow me to be your guide on this incredible journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment. Together, we will unlock the secrets that have worked wonders for countless individuals. Embrace your inner creator, seize your destiny, and reconnect with your truest self.

With love and light,

Minakshi Gupta
Cartomancer and Life Coach


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